Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Barred Up

i wish i might break looking back
what ought be content and left at that
veracities which may have come to pass
not real
nor solid
nonphysical mass

time not now but stuck in then
my heart
my soul
from body descend

confessions noble while denials corrupt
some freedom i should have left barred up


Friday, July 28, 2017

Your Disbursement:

embrace me
 profuse comprehensions...
the tumbling sensation
in the depths of my being
how poles apart veracity can be
dissimilar verges
i have stood unseeing
enchanted in my own skin
a membrane
a crust
a malaise
of my personal piddling plights
all the while
making merry
at your disbursement


Friday, October 9, 2015


what can i say
about all that seemed
what may have been?

the ineffectualness
of musing
around it all

this unrest
is simple arithmetic
long division with remainders



to even notice

for one…
 it was the permutation
  of colors.
for another…
 the archetype
  of a rembrandt.
but for her…
  it was a manifestation
    of quiet tears.
as for me
   i was far too enthralled
    with her
      to even notice


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tarnished Strings

all of them...
every one
responses to you
birthed from uncertainty
penned in claret ink
whisked in my heart

an avowal

each turn of phrase
discourses to you
taken from sincerity 
set in derisory concerto
        on tarnished strings


Ten Rainy Ones

a single sunny day
 is powerless
if not having followed
 ten rainy ones


A Gift

a glint of divine
being in the moment… the
present... is a gift



some things...
  i hurry
  and or
  wish would tarry.
  i lack…


Withered by Twilight

we are like blossoms
what brilliance in the first light
withered by twilight



broad, magnificent
stretching, swaying, budding
leaves, bark, acorn, sprout
lumber, falling, nursing
nurturing, towering


Build Again

when building sandcastles...
it is the groundwork
  that is most essential.
to take care in the formation…
      of the footing.
     one cannot at all times
         perceive imperfections
             in the sand, 
            predict strong winds
            be prepared for
            rogue waves.
and yet…
all we endeavor
     seems to be
       much like sandcastles.

the key is in accepting
    when it all comes crashing down...
to properly utilize the rubble

and build again


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


a poetic gargoyle
   carefully chiseled
     with a mournful mallet  
situated menacingly atop
    the edifice
       your principle…
warding off weighty desire

an idiom scarecrow
   demoralizingly draped
      in frayed finery
positioned manifestly upholding
    the stance
        your ethic…
frightening off impetuous fervor

an odic chant
    submissively set
       in dorian mode 
crooned continually aloud
     the libretto
        your proscription…
soothing and calming passions

and me


to your door

a cogent cerulean sky
the arraign of wind
   a smell of pine and cedar
      harangues my face
         and pulls on my heart
traversing past
   the sleepy water
    on the road to open meadows
      of emerald and gold
outlying silos
   set stoic
     amid crimson barns
in steady harmonization 
   of constant flow
     through the countryside
there is magnificence
   to be embraced
      in whichever open bearing
even so
  my compass points
    to the overgrown
      and thorned path
         to your door



a better friend

flatter her?
  she’ll flatten you
sink her teeth
   right into you

prod and poke
   scratch and stab
in verbal joust
   you will be had

she’ll wear a mask
   to ward away
then bust your balls
  cos' you won’t stay

look straight through
   your crooked smile
and call you out
   like your on trial

don’t pin her down
   she can’t be still
she’ll slither
   out from under you

her shrewd advice
    she gives for free
will lead you
   clear calamity

for all her wisdom
   on her shelf
her only blind spot
   is herself

though some may warn
   “she’ll be your end”
you’d be pressed to find

   a better friend


by rationale

a beautiful twilight
 between consciousness
and the dreaminess
of pure sentiment
almost a lucid dream
only to be pulled away
by rationale

save us

with the conversation

  spanning transient moments

  to mysterious waterbeds


friendly old men

  reaching out

  from unraveled worlds


 i’m  t h i n k i n g ~ …


i want to be in ‘the now’

   though distracted by

      thoughts like

~` i am running low on cigarettes `~


i’m always over-stimulated

   by everything around

   taking note of it all



your eyes request

   all of my deliberation

   as your voice sings a song


    as quietness wraps around

     i let go of the tavern

       one clang at a time

       until all else is mislaid

save us



this music is…

this music is…

by the want
of me
in you
in this mode

by the longing
for you
in me
are these notes

by the returning
of us
in we
are these chords

close your eyes
and listen


in someone’s arms

the sentiment
feels unhindered
   and restricted
the way
you can feel trapped
in a vast dessert…

yet feel
 completely free
tightly held
in someone’s arms


what comes next

the difference
     a voice can bring

the divergence
   sunlight makes

the certainty
   only eyes can share


the peace
  of knowing
   what comes next


spinning in my arms

  no more than
     breathing space
   amid resonance

though this dawdling waltz
a mere measure or two in length
moves steadily towards a bow…

forever will i cherish
the steps we took together…
you spinning in my arms


seasons revise

let shadows tell
through bracing winds
of winter’s dearth 
whence sleep begins
whilst leaves descent
bedspread the ground
each bit once life
compose no sound
with loss of glow
daylight’s diminish
seasons revise
once they are finished


overly poetic

it is early morning
i have drank ample scotch
     to keep an elephant down
i rise
     awoken by the dream
i sit at a table
you stare at me
     from across the room
i am sentient of you
    before i turn
our eyes lock focus
       and we reel fleetingly
          in our communal restlessness
            both of us own that t-shirt
my heart it slumps
    rather hastily
        into my stomach
on the way to you
     i beam
our eyes engaged
      in our gaze
golden-haired radiance
   environs you
       and no-one else
as i close
    you whisper
     “i love you”
      from behind
          a composed smile

i reply
    “i know”
      the marked nervous giggle ensues
this is you in my dream
         though it may be overly poetic


accurate predictions

it helps
   to recurrently
      remind ourselves
in the event
     of a future
           how will i feel
      what I am doing

the aim here
to progressively
        get better
   at making
       accurate predictions


sealed in this kiss

incandescent passion
    radiant thoughts of you
lapping sweet reverie
    sugared and gleaming
oceanic panorama
    roofed in tremulous clouds
vivacious commotion
    my heart brings to being
enthralled by your exquisiteness
    your influence calms my core
years spent in silence
    unveiled and released
only with what body
     am i to hold you?
until time unfolds mysteries
     i will carry on this fire
surrendering resistance
    drunk with your touch
taste of your lips
    honey and nectar
i swear time stood motionless
    and all else vanished
longing no longer hidden
    our eyes tell the tale
love of untold years
    sealed in this kiss


all the way though

i read


and yet

there was an even quiet-er voice


    that whispered

     "yes... yes"

all the way though




starting a solitary note
has turned out to be
quite multi-timbral
i always seemed
to possess potential
for polyphony

exceeding the limit
will cut off notes
in order to produce
new ones

some thing
has to give


whispers subsistence

glistening above
a canopy of starlight
whispers subsistence


this is me

at first

   i felt anger...

i wanted

   to hurt

     this person...


    when i feel anger...

       it always winds back

     around to myself...

and so

   my next emotion

     was fear...

fear somehow

   this is me...



what’s missing

a joy in a tear
gloom in a smile
calmness in fear
an inch seems a mile


aloofness so near
in hush i am calling
the fact is so false
i ascend as i'm falling


a lumber so light
concealing the show
it's vivid at night
desiccated flow

eyes never seeing
ears with no hearing
words never written
found is what’s missing

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

restively un-played

so long since

i have peeped under the deposits

  of diversion that i have amassed

  in order to keep my thoughts

 from drifting casually through

  that orchard of passion…

the opus of verses

 that lay


restively un-played



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

my own oceans


it’s peculiar
how i’ve consumed
so much time
exploring space…

all the while
not knowing
what lies beneath
my own oceans